„Every step“ Print

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  • „Every step“ Print

Signed Giclée Print
Archival museum grade quality (100% cotton fine art paper, 310gsm)
Standard 300gsm Paper (chose in options)


Art description:
“Every step you take”

In a time and age where every step we take is monitored, controlled and surveilled for state security and our own safety, imagine a world where we are not regulated and managed, whilst our personal information is being used to influence our future decisions through mass surveillance. Where privacy and freedom are not an illusion.
A place with no central authority, where there is no need for class differences and hierarchies are torn down. A world with no borders and no nations, where we stop sleepwalking and start thinking, where wars and bloodshed don't make the banks and most powerful richer and we start sharing and caring for one another.
Red is the colour of rage, of war and bloodshed.
It signalises warning,
as well as representing solidarity and resistance.
 Black is the shadow of negation. Therefore the black flag is the negation of all nations.
The colour black represents the mourning for the victims of wars for the purposes of greater state power, the paralysis of the mind in authoritarian and hierarchical systems and the mourning of millions of disused brain cells with no chance to ever enlighten the world.
It is the colour of unfortunate pain.
However black can be also beautiful:
It is the colour of purpose, determination and strength.
It defines, as it elucidates all other colours.
It is the mysterious framing of germination and fertility: The fertile soil for new life which always forms, renews and reproduces in the dark. The seed in the soil, the way of sperm, the maturing of the embryo in the birthing mother - all is surrounded by protective dark.
In selecting the colours red and black, I am expressing what outrages and infuriates me in our society and the world we live in, whilst hoping for change through solidarity, thought and resistance.